About us

tempio apolloThe performance contains the Computer Graphics re-establishment of the main monuments of the city, both those that are still present and those that nowadays can’t receive visits, espousing all the historical periods about the Hellenistic culture.

In the show are also introduced the naturalistic and panoramic beauties of the Arethusean area as the Necropolis of Pantalica, Fonte Ciane, Duomo square and others, all presented by Live scenes. There are also many interviews of contemporary and experienced archaeologists who know how convey the high historical and cultural value of the Sicilian sites.

Recently Archeotour s.r.l. acquired the know-how essential to the virtual fruition of cultural sites through innovative systems of high technology, as the realization of virtual theater in 3d technology and digital holograms one.

The plan aim is to conduce the visitors through a sole experience that will impress in his memory the beauty and the wealth of the sites they visited. This aim is achieved realizing a very technological place that is also well integrated in the background, where we recreate the surroundings and the situations attested by the archaeological remains and the monuments that now can tell about the story of people who built them and who lived in.

tempio apollo2So tourists, schools and the inhabitant of the land could benefit by this instructive movie that will share its technological and cultural contents through the use of sophisticated technologies of tridimensional video projection.

The visualization systems is devoted to the immersive projections and to the all Computer Vision ones, that need the employment of the most advanced technologies.

The solution proposed consists in the realization of a frame for the aluminum made display, purposely planned and created with polarized material in order to let the spectators head off the tridimensional pictures.

We propose some of the main projectors in the top of the scale of the sector; they are interfaced by a system of geometry revision and of fusion and overlap of pictures, suitable for the continuity of projection creation.